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Types of Rebar Couplers

For a long time, lap splicing had been seen as an ideal means to connect steel reinforcing bars. But recently, the cons that are associated with it have become evident since the introduction of rebar couplers. Since lap joints mean an overlap of the reinforcing bars, there is wastage of the construction material. Also, lap joints mean load transfer to concrete. Rebar couplers make connecting reinforcement bars an easy and affordable task by eliminating these disadvantages of lap joints. Some of the types of rebar coupler have been discussed.

Tapered thread bar coupler

These couplers are the most used type for joining reinforcing bars. They go with the bar sizes from 12 mm to 44mm. These don’t need a crew of people having an expertise, or expensive machinery to be installed. They are compact in design to save space. These couplers come with threaded bars which only need fitting and tightening of the adjoining bar.

Parallel thread standard bar coupler

Parallel thread standard bar couplers give a fatigue resistant connection. These are great choices for projects involving high number of couplers, like road bridges. The end of the reinforcement bar that you want to join is given a square cut and is enlarged. On the enlarged bar, a thread is created. The bar end with the thread is proof-loaded equivalent to the yield strength of the rebar.

Rebar joining couplers

These are used for joining reinforcing bars when the bar that has been fixed is in place already and there is no more space for hydraulic swaging press. This is a very cost effective way to deal with already fixed bars. These achieve a failure load higher than 115 percent of the characteristic yield strength in a grade five-hundred rebar.  When there is a corroded bar, the replacement bar is cut around 5mm shorter. This allows clearance after which insertion between the ends of the original bars can be carried out. Rebar joining couplers are then pushed completely over the two ends of the replacement bar to temporarily be held in position.

Grout sleeve couplers

These come with a mechanical connector that joins reinforcing bars from end to end. It suits well for connecting precast concrete elements together. There is an internal threading in one end to accept pre-threaded rebar while the other end is open for receiving a cement grout. This type was made as a solution to bar alignment issues.

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