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The Home Services For Better Living Standards

Everyone needs a little help at the home front. It may not be essential all the time to have continuous assistance but there can be certain times when you cannot do without it. An upgradation of your home at few parts also requires professional help as you cannot start off by doing things with your own hands. Skilled help is something every person desires to make their life simpler and comfortable.

The maid to help

We are not talking about the full time but just a part time maid. A person who you can pay to book their services for the important times at home like after a party or at the time of a vacation or even when you just want to relax. The Glory Cleaning is famous Singapore part time maid agency. Their agency provides best maids for the purpose of cleaning, dusting, kitchen cleaning and other home services which can extend to nanny services, laundry services, ironing, elder companionship and other home care at just $30 per trip. They have experienced workforce at reasonable rates. You can book their services over call or by visiting their website.

Some handyman services

To look for next, we have Glory cleaning offering handyman service. They provide famous Singapore handyman service. The services provided include furniture assembling; installation of bathroom accessories, hooks, mirrors, wall mount fans, hanging picture and painting; replacement services of cabinet and door hinges, door knob, lock, light bulbs, light fittings and switches and also plumbing services to clean chokes, leakages, replace bottle taps, replace shower tapes etc. All of these are available at a cheap rate of $60 per trip. The bonus is you can book their services online and you shall get a confirmation call within 24 hours from the booking.

The new look of floor

The floor of any house has to deal with a lot of tense situation in itself. It needs quality maintenance. You also need to keep your pocket light. The Supreme floor is famous Singapore flooring company. They laminate floors with a supreme wood finish look using high quality printing technology. There is a hard coating of special resin containing aluminum oxide for increasing durability. The flooring is scratch resistant, maintenance free with easy and fast installation. There are varieties in color too. They have different packages suitable for all type of investments.

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