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Advantages and disadvantages of Security cameras

Monday, January 29th, 2018

With the money ruling the world, people are running behind it. They are ready to leave their family and friends and move to different countries and continents to earn money. Money did not make its toll till the 18th century. Earlier, before the invention of currency, people followed the barter system. This is a system where people exchanged goods for goods. They exchanged what they had in excess for what they had less or did not have at all. When money was invented, people started to hide their goods and sold them at soaring prices during food shortages. This is where, money made its mark. Till today it has been, and it will always be the most important aspect for people all over the world. It is because everything from birth to death needs money. Hence the demand for money is also high. This is where robbery comes into picture. There are many incidents that one hears in their everyday life about robbery. People today are afraid to leave their homes due to this. With the financial status being low for most of the families living today, both the parents had to go to work to survive. With robbery being the case, it is difficult for one to step out of the home. This is when communication lends hand with CCTV cameras. Surveillance cameras are security cameras that are usually installed in public places like the theatres, public malls, restaurants, railway stations etc. They are used for both commercial and residential purposes.


There are many advantages of installing a CCTV camera in the home or at work place. It mainly helps in solving crimes which may happen at these places. Statistics say that cameras installed in car parks have resulted in 51% decrease in crime and ones in public places by 23%. This helps the government to have a check on the robbery and the theft. It gives the robbers a second chance to think and move elsewhere. By installing a good CCTV camera system, one can have a reduced premium on their home insurance. This is because, CCTV cameras are closed-circuit televisions, that use video cameras to monitor areas which later is transmitted to monitors. A house which has a good CCTV camera system is less of a target and hence the risk is lowered. This brings down the premium of the home insurance.


The main disadvantage is privacy issue and its cost. The cameras do not stop a crime when it is in progress like alerting some neighbor or police. It is better to read about it before buying one.

Complete cleaning is quite difficult for homemaker

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Every day homemaker is cleaning all the products at her home, but she would not be satisfied with her cleaning job, because in some places, the dust could not be removed by her, daily used fridge could not be made to shining condition. She would be always worried about the cleaning job. Finally she would be deciding to hire a cleaning service. Again she would be in confusion, because there are so many cleaning services are available she has to consider by the rate and for the quality of cleaning. Finally she would be compromised she needs only quality cleaning service. After this, she would be informing about her need of cleaning service to her friend who is residing in the same colony, that lady would be informing to check this site, homemaker would be immediately browsing the website and she has chat with the customer service, finally she would ask the quote for cleaning, the staff of the cleaning service would be visiting to her and handover the quote for the cleaning job, now the homemaker would be happy to see their earlier jobs, and finally approving the service to do the cleaning work at her home. Once the rental bond cleaning service arrives to her home she would be watching their work, she would be also interested to clean her products along with the cleaning staffs. She would be completely satisfied once he cleaning work is finished. She would be entering to a contract for two years with the same cleaning service, as she is very much impressed with the cleaning service.

The cleaning service takes only partial payment for the cleaning job before cleaning, once the job is finished the service takes the balance amount. The service wants the customer’s satisfaction money is secondary to them. Once the customer is not satisfied the company cannot maintain with the cleaning works. Therefore, every home should have to be bright with all the products, which including the kitchen products including the ovens. Once oven is cleaned perfectly and with enough brightness even husband and children are appreciating the homemaker for choosing the right cleaning service.